Monday, February 18, 2013


well... Sure,i havnt been updating but whos counting?

anyway, i got many to tell you today...

So,let me start with the bad news first yea?

well,not long like last last week? a month ago...anyway... I got a

yea...a bf...i didnt make it official in facebook and good too...

he turn from sweet,romantic,caring and crazy to over possessive..and it's scaring me~ really...

*sigh* thank goodness not much are reading my blog..or no one is reading my blog... i am just so scared...

 He's like watching me 24/7 if i go to any cosplay events...watching me if i ever do anything to a "guy friend" like hugging n lord.. watever... I'm trying to wash it away...still not sure,,maybe...might break up but scared..watever...

ANYWAY... Good news..maybe?

Yesterday, I went to a cosplay event at Airport Mall In Brunei..not really a big event but it was

Once again i went as naruto Shippuden..ahaha never get tired of cosplaying him of course...~ was fun and we finally got th complete team on..well..since its shippuden we didnt have kakashi,sai and yamato...There's only me as naruto,maw as sasuke and lala as sakura~ ahaha but it was fun finally complete more or less~

I'll just posting this 2 pics..ahah taken by pros too~ kukuku~

This was taken by Xiao Feng~ lol..tnx man if u ever read this. Lol..we took many pictures but this kinda show my guy self? lol~ love it so~

This of course was taken by ScarySoul~ The photographer of N.E project~ lol..Tobi was there as you can photobomb? lol

anyway, many have happen...and I'm choosing college since I got 3 Os and 1 pass... lol. I'm choosing between MicroNet or IGS college... but only for a few months before going to Singapore to stufy under my Half-Brother Kuya Jason~ ahaha...gonna be hard work but I'll work hard~ lol

So,I miss typing this but here goes~

The Blog Random: Posting For The Heck of It

pwahaha well..this will be awesome...~ lol..for the boy that is getting a

anyway,thats it for now~ Till then~

Blog Yah Later~
Alex Jr.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Nothing else to do~

well,finally able to blog that's for sure~

anyway, I woke up only like 3 o'clock sharp pm~ pwahaha well,you dont need to know that~

So,let me say the Oppa gangnam style dance was a success for the annual dinner until our little PSY, my cousin ken-ken, suddenly go a nosebleed (maybe due to the heat or pressure?) during the almost at the ending of the dance~ But we did, did it? Right?

well, guess what. I am currently using my dad's laptop, VAIO~ Nice~ lol

well,this laptop is only use for sister's who is in primary to use cause for some reason SMSIS is upgrading to fast while secondary is still like crap~ lol

So....oh right..I am installing League of Legends...nyahaha aka LOL~ wat~ i wanna play and i WILL play damn it~

But installing so long...and sometimes the wifi is so crappy~ lol~

ok,ok~ soo...yeah...I'll be going to another cosplay event...more like a charity at Toys R Us in SupaSave Mabohai on Jan 27~ Once again I shall be going as naruto cause hey~ Kids love him~ lol and the kids are special kids that's why it is a charity event~

So...let's see...oh I never notice but I've been cosplay mostly naruto~ lol,why you say~ um..that's the only costume I got that is fun to wear~? Ah,whatever...Just naruto is naruto~

Also, I was wrong and the olevel result wnt be out on jan 22 but feb 22...pwahaha oops~ how embarrassing ~ hehehe

Miss doing this but yea~

The Blog Random: Posting For The Heck Of It

Boy, no one can deny you that~ lol

This I blog again~

Blog Yah Later~
Alex Jr.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Addicted ~

well..nothing much have happen to far...

unless a call from one of my dad's worker asking about the dance..OMG!!! IT IS REAL! lol

damn...I dnt wanna so! But oh well..Just home money is involved~ yes?

well..I try to make this quick...

currently I am hearing 2 songs...

One is Angel With a Shotgun by The Cab
Second is Heart Skips a Beat by Lenka

I have been hearing the same songs since this morning...

I dunno if this is addicting but damn..just i love it~ lol I hear the songs I also been finding more anime characters to cosplay...One come in mine is the gender bender version of Princess Gumball from The Adventure of Finn and

Oh..also I might end up also cosplaying as Grell!! lol..well,all depends on syasya who's my partner...I just hope i can come on EaCon OMG...wish wish~ hehehe!

hehe I maybe alittle short for grell's height but that why High cut Shoes are made~ wahaha! lol..have to save effing alot of money for this cause the costume of grell is already expensive and i have to make his sharp teeth and his prop that is a chainsaw~ wahaha gonna cry for my wallet but damn excited~


The Blog Random: Posting For The Heck Of It

Kinda stupid but what the hell..No one's reading my blog so screw meh~ xD

That's it for now~

Blog Yah Later~
Alex Jr.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Make Up Tag

well,I'm Nah...

Just gonna do a Make Up Tag that I got from reese..well,she dont really tag meh but you can say whoever see this is went to here blog for fun...What is there else to do? Tell meh?

Anyway... MAKE UP TAG~

lol~ Now we begin!!! Oh...and before i forget..I dont use make up whatever...When I do this..I was thinking about cosplay make up so HA!

Make Up

Blush or Bronzer?
I think I would choose Blush cause what the heck is a Bronzer?

Lip Gloss or Lipstick?
hm...well, Most of the character I cosplay doesn't have much color on their lips...almost like the skin color so Lip Gloss It is~

Eyeliner or Mascara?
Eyeliner...Totally eyeliner...dude,,have you seen the anime eyes now and then?

Foundation or Concealer? 
well, I would go for concealer since can hide the eye-bags but sadly I don't have I use foundation sometimes... TAT

Neutral or Color eye shadow?
well...I usually go for neutral until I really need to then I try to use color eye shadow even if i never done it before~

Pressed or Loose Eye Shadow?
. . . what the heck does this mean...? Um...Pressed...Loose...I dunno~

Brushes or sponge? get those gaps I think sponge is good~

Oh~ I have never done my own make up before cause I dont know how and i have a feeling I suck at it..I did try putting eyeliner before (my mom bought me one for cosplaying) and I did good on my left eye but when it comes to the right then i am lost~ I asked my mother and aunt for help...well,they did help but it was too yea...~ TwT


Long or Short?
Ah,I love long nails....BECAUSE... long nails can benefit you in many way~ thats why~ lol

Acrylic or Natural?
Well...depends on who i am cosplaying as but sometimes i want it to be natural~

Brights or Dark?
well... depends on my mood...sometimes bright sometimes dark.

Flower or no flower?
Well...i am not creative with my nails even if i want to.

Nails~ Oh Nails?


Perfume or Body Splash?
Well...I dont like perfume to be honest cause it itches my nose and i sneeze non-stop...Body splash...well... you can say i used it but not

Lotion or Body Butter?
pwahaha~ I used LOTION of course...~ I used those that can make my skin look good..I mean doesnt look dry..yea that...and what the heck is a Body butter? lol~

Body Wash or Soap?
Well..i used both actually... well..depending on But i used soap cause it last for a long time~ 

Lol~ This seems like quizzes...? Noh?


Jeans or Sweat Pants?
Ah,This I choose jeans~ lol.. Make me look attractive to the ladies...~ nyahaha!

Long sleeves or Short?
Ah..depending on how I tend to wear simple so short cause does are what hot guys wear..simple yet good looking~

Dresses or skirt?
Well..bloody hell...NONE~ lol...I wear dress once but that's prom and never wearing AGAIN..and skirts...uniform? Long skirts...

Stripes or plain?
Well...all in the name of Sometimes stripes sometimes plain~

Flip Flops or Sandals?
um...Sometimes both~

Scarves or hat?
well,I'm leaving in brunei and it is never cold so Hat~

Studs or Dangly Earrings?
STUDS~!!! <3 font="font">

Necklace or Bracelet ~
I am a Bracelet person...I love accessories~

Heels or Flat?

Cowboy boots or riding boots?

Jacket or hoodie?

pwahaha~ Soo many questions even I dunno how to answer~ lol


Curly or Straight?
well... I used to be curly when I was bored but parents bold meh I dnt really know..My hair is straight but sometimes some ends tend to curl I dunno~

Bun or ponytail?
BUN! Of course.... Ponytail..sure to show off my short hair?

Bobby pins or butterfly clips?
Bobby pins!I dont like to you know...butterfly~

Hair spray or hair gel?
well... I choose hair spray... For styling my wigs that is...No more no less.

Long or short?
lol~ I love short hair...yes..boy hair cut  is my

Light or dark?
well... passion red light? lol.

Side sweep or full bangs? home i just do watever...but when going out...I tend to style my hair to look like those japanese guys...hairstyle~

Up or down?
short hair so down?

Ah...some questions are my really but kinda


Rain or shine?
Depending on I dunno why..I got mood swings

Summer or winter?
I really wish winter but Brunei...nah..not gonna summer...OTL

Fall or spring?
AHHH...i love both...but brunei once again...but i would choose fall for meh~

Chocolate or vanilla?

Now, I love this A++!

15 weird facts

What's a nickname only your family calls you?
. . . Bebe,kulit...? Girl... TwT"

What's a weird habit of yours?
um.... i dnt really know..or I dont just

Do you have any weird phobias?
Insects...Lizards...SNACKS!!!! wait..this counts yes?

What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
um..i got plenty... but due to problems I dont have those songs on my phone~

What's your biggest pet peeves?
... hard english...?

What's one of your nervous habits?
when, many people stares at meh or in a middle of thousand people My legs tend to shake even if you can't story~lol

What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Left...or right...maybe middle?

What was your first stuffed animal and its name?
um...stuffed animal...ah bear but i forgot his name...he was long

What's the drink you always order at Starbucks?
Have i ever been there? I dont remember... If i do..then coffee?

What's the beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice?
 huh...i dont get this?

Which way do you face in the shower?
which way? what does that even mean? um... 

Do you have any weird body skills?
um...i think i do... i can suck in my tummy and u can see my that a skill?

What's your favorite comfort food that's "bad", but you love to eat it anyways?
um....thinking...thinking...i dnt know any right now...dnt remember is more like it~

What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
 "Heh?, lol"

Time to sleep! What are you actually wearing?
um...shirt but no sleeves and short pants/basketball pants?

Thanks for reading my blogpost!
pwahaha~ Well..i just saw the tag and i never actually ready your blog before...pwaahah just answering the

Now, It's time to tag people!

Naruto tag you so goooo start ever saw this post...YOUR ARE TAG!!!

p.s: This art belong to the original artist...just posting this here! lol


well,by the looks of,well my sister alexia sleepover in her friend's house who i call her Izumi who lives a few houses from here~ lol.

Well..peace and quiet for 2 days but damn she haven't even started practicing for the performance in Jan 19.

My dad's boss wants my sisters including me and my chubby cousin to perform Oppa Gangnam Style at Annual Dinner...OTL~

Gosh no...I wanna back out but sadly I hate fighting with my dad cause...hehehe scared of him yea...Dude,his a father...DUH!?

So, my chubby cousin will be PSY but we're performing the whole song...OMG!!! NERVOUS!

anyway...still got a week from now to practice and make it a good one and MAYBE just MAYBE we get paid...omg..MONEY~ lol

well...I miss going to school cause I get my allowance but i do miss school since what else to do here at home then internet and do

well...anyway, a few hours ago I was just going through checking out some cosplayers and I got soo many ideas who to cosplay as even if I dont know some well,find someone u like, learn about them,yes?? lol,yea? lol. AH! i really wanna do a photoshot..pwahah just me nagging again but can't blame me yea? Well...ehem..back to my nagging~

I WANT TO DO A PHOTOSHOT... either in my naruto: shippuden costume or agito/akito costume...~ Wanna do one so bad before i get my olevel depending on my result how my future will be spread out...nyaaha~

oh,right... you know my friend vanisa? who's suppose to be my maka for a next cosplay...well,she might not cosplay this year cause she's gonna learn to do study that~ looks like i might end up being syasya's death the kid~ lol

I'm typing a lot cause i dunno when will i be online again to post anything so yea.. I'll just come post again if anything interesting has happen lately...but so far...Nahhh~

hehehe~ of course never forget toooo~

The Blog Random: Posting For The Heck Of It~

Kinda awesome how strong is that cow~ lol..if made out of either stone or hard clay then no wonder~! lol..RIDE EM COWCAT~

well..thats it for now..once again I am off to find a better part of my

Blog Yah Later~
Alex Jr.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Poke Wars

well...currently in a middle of poking...from and to

So..i have to count who got the most pokes until the time limit that is 11pm

not easy i tell you..but nothing interesting have happen lately so it's fine..just waiting for pokes~

oh..right...tomorrow...I'm going to a dress up competition in The Business School dress as Naruto Shippuden of

Gonna be akward since everyone will start but i really wish wanna win...they are prices that i WANTTT! like moneyyy! well,who

My little sister will follow me,alexis...because the other one dont

anyway..nothing else to do..just recording as only 2 people so far is poking meh...*sigh* yeah...what else to do...ah right...

The Blog Random: Posting For The Heck Of It

pwahaha kinda funny how this goes...flipping

anyway,thats it for now~

Blog Yah Later~
Alex Jr.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

RIP fish

lol,well my uncle who lives downstairs from us...his big long fish..the expensive chinese died..

He is currently in philippines for the new year or x-mas...he left like a month ago..i mean a year ago before x-mas begin. lol,I think..

well...i dunno if they will put it in a freeze,cook it,bury it..or just throw it none of my's already the second day after school has started and my 2 sisters who is currently primary 4 and 5..said that the school looks nicer...i wanna c~ lol...i will one day...well..i will anyway~

So yeah...currently a new page for the Business School dress-up competition has been posted up like yesterday...

i was thinking of joining the course my naruto with kids...and kids now yea...but still will be held on Jan 5-6 but the competition will be on jan 6...sunday...ah..i dunno..if i do go..transport problem once again...pwahaha~ AH I WANNA JOIN BUT ALSO MAYBE NOT...the prices are soo!!!

ehem,anyway~ I like this photo taken at EACOn..i was akaito of version of kaito..i like it even if i am not red trio i say....Ted ,akaito and Teto from Vocaloid~ is time~

The Blog Random: Posting For The Heck Of It

very funny,yes? lol...DOGS~ look like police dogs...maybe i'm right maybe i'm wrong..i dunno!

anyway,thats it for now~

Blog Yah Later~
Alex Jr.